Los Angeles is a mystic city where dreams have long been made and can be quickly broken.  For generations, it has been a magnet for artists in search of fame and a creative legacy.  Some are able to break through the clutter, while many struggle or fail in the pursuit of their passion.


Lovers and Angels tells some of these ubiquitous and unique stories.  From the city’s Spanish colonial legacy to Hollywood’s golden age and its digital revival, to the decline and rebirth of its historic downtown core, LA has a  diverse mix of culture and contrast.


Here is a preview of Lovers and Angels, with the launch of the first six songs on January 2016.

Composers:  Music by Juan Andres Lizarazo, Lyrics by Mark Nguyen

Angel with a Broken Wing featuring Rob Shulze

Summer Came Too Soon featuring Connie Lim

Lovers and Angels featuring Jacqueline Van Bierk

Heal and Love Again featuring Charles McDonald

Heartquake featuring Katie Ferrara

Downtown Core featuring Mike Post