About Juan

Juan Andrés Lizarazo. World class music composer, guitarist and producer. Juan has studied in the finest music school´s in America and graduated with honors from the UCLA´s music business extension program. Juan has a rare combination of musical skill as he is just as talented as a guitar player as he is composing music and producing and arranging compositions. He is also a business school bachelor and a financial certificate graduate.


He began his musical career at the age of fourteen and has an eighteen-year experience in all music business and music production areas. His skill and intuition for composition has captured the attention of several producers and co-writers in the industry and the fact that he has been mentored by professionals who are music business powerhouses and masters in their craft, make him an exceptional choice.


Juan has mastered his art and has written and arranged over sixty songs which include several genres including pop, alternative, global, Latin, metal, instrumental and rock. He has developed his own brand in his home country Colombia: www.laroutemusic.com and has composed all the music for the upcoming Rock opera devoted to the city of LA: Lovers and Angels.